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Inpatient Hospitalization

Inpatient mental health programs are designed to help patients develop the necessary coping skills to better manage mental illness and psychiatric disorders. At Atlantic Behavioral Health, we take a holistic treatment approach for patients to safely be reintegrated into the community setting. Patients are encouraged, educated, and empowered towards self-reflection, awareness, and involvement in their treatment.

Each adult admitted to any inpatient behavioral health program receives treatment through a multi-disciplinary approach. Each person will receive a medical and clinical evaluation by our team of highly trained professionals, including on-site psychiatrists, nurses, and licensed social workers.

Treatment on the inpatient unit is through the group milieu and may consist of group psychotherapy, group psychoeducation, activity-based therapy, and medication management. All patients are encouraged to have family member participation throughout their hospitalization stay for continuity of care.

After successful course of inpatient treatment, patients will collaborate with their inpatient treatment team to facilitate a safe discharge back into the community. Patients can expect to either return to the care of their previous providers (psychiatrists or clinicians) or when recommended, be referred to a more intensive outpatient program.

Inpatient mental health services are available at the Head Family Inpatient Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Center at Morristown Medical Center, as well as Newton Medical Center and Overlook Medical Center.


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