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Community Resources and Programs

Community Resources and Programs

Caring for your health shouldn't be a burden. That's why Atlantic Health System proudly invests in our communities, partnering with local organizations to make quality health care accessible for all. Whether you're facing financial challenges, navigating complex health issues, or simply seeking resources to stay healthy, we're here to help.

How Atlantic Health Makes a Difference

Community Benefit

We believe everyone deserves a chance at good health. Through charity care, subsidized services, and community health programs, we remove financial barriers and provide essential medical services to those in need.

Addressing Health Inequalities

We understand that social, economic, and environmental factors can impact health outcomes. Our Community Health initiatives tackle these inequalities head-on, promoting equitable access to healthcare and empowering residents to thrive.

Community Health Needs Assessments

Our Community Health Needs Assessments keep us informed about emerging health trends in our communities. This allows us to develop targeted programs and resources that address your specific needs, before they arise.