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Remote Patient Monitoring

Through remote patient monitoring, your care team will track your progress in real time.

Managing your chronic illness can be challenging, but you are never alone in your journey to improved health with remote patient monitoring.

To help you monitor your condition, Atlantic Health System is offering a Remote Monitoring Kit through Health Recovery Solutions. Your care team will track your progress in real time, answer your questions when you have them, and respond to any issues at the click of a button. 

Kits include: 

  • A tablet
  • Digital scale that automatically records your weight
  • A blood pressure cuff that will automatically take your blood pressure readings
  • A finger clip to collect your pulse and oxygen levels automatically



  • Use every day in your own home
  • Alerts your health care team before problems occur
  • May prevent unnecessary hospitalizations or emergency room visits
  • Provides daily knowledge of your health status and gives the ability to identify trends
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing your health status is being monitored every day by your care team

Kits come ready to use and are already connected to the internet. They even have audio alerts and reminders to take your vitals, medication or your daily surveys.


You can use the tablet to keep track of your medications and record any symptoms you may experience. The tablet also has videos that you will watch to learn more about your health.


The tablet connects to your scale, blood pressure cuff and finger clip to record your vital signs. Your nurse will also be able to see your vial signs when you are taking them from your home.


You can use the tablet to text or call your nurse coordinator, or make a phone call or video call to your nurse. You can also access a 24/7 technical support line if you are having problems with your kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What patients are eligible?

Patients will be evaluated for eligibility based on their condition, risk factors for readmission and willingness to use technology. Conditions that are often appropriate for remote monitoring include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), pneumonia and comprehensive care for joint replacement. 

What is the first step for patients after enrollment?

Patients are contacted by nurse coordinators to confirm eligibility, willingness to participate, and to schedule delivery for kits. Upon delivery, equipment is set up, tested and patients are connected to their first virtual visit with their nurse coordinator. Patients will have weekly video check-ins scheduled, and daily monitoring with interventions as required. Comprehensive care for joint replacement patients will only be using an app version (no devices).